September 11th

September 11th

Freedom PoolOn September 11, 2001 Al Qaedea launched a multi-tiered terrorist attack against the United States of America. By hijacking planes and flying them into targets across the country they attempted to kill as many Americans as possible while at the same time striking fear into the hearts of the citizens of our great Nation. They were successful in killing Americans that day but failed on all other accounts. Instead of terror this cowardly act inspired selfless acts of heroism and courage. It united my city and our country. It inspired a generation of young Americans to become warriors with the purpose of protecting the future freedoms of our great country.

In the aftermath of 911 many children would turn into young adults absent of a parent murdered that day. Parents of children lost would grow old with hearts broken but find a way to continue. Siblings would long for days past with a lost brother or sister. Friends would carry on with their lives keeping the memory of those lost alive. Our nations warriors would mobilize and engage our Nation’s enemies to protect our future freedoms and ensure this would never happen again. 

Like many of you I lost many friends on 9/11/2001. I decided early on that the best way to honor their memory would be to live my life to the fullest. In doing so I would not take my life for granted. Always remembering how fragile and precious it is. To appreciate every moment I have with family and friends. This is why fitness and health are so important to me. It allows me to experience things that challenge my will and make me feel alive. It’s also why I feel it is so important to help others who have a similar philosophy. I feel that at Monkey Bar Gym we are accomplishing this. Fitness is a gateway to not only a healthier but a more enjoyable life. Never take for granted what you have and work to create a better tomorrow through your actions today!

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