“When I first started attending MBG I was frustrated having to pay so much attention to form instead of the “GO GO GO” I was accustomed to. As I trusted the trainers, I was able to see for myself how strong I really wasn’t and why I was always injured. I am now the strongest I have ever been…. No where have I ever encountered such a welcoming group of people that are genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals and celebrate with you every step of the way. Such a positive, great place to be… I love my Monkey family :).”  – Estelle S.

“Thankful I found MBG after my college basketball career ended. It is a great and challenging gym and continues to help me get to the next level in obstacle course races!” – Chelsea A.

“I say it all the time and ill say it again…. I love this place!!! This is not just a “gym” this is a community. A place filled with positive, supportive and motivated members being led by the best trainers around! If you are like me and never felt like you “fit in” at other gyms you must come visit MBG, you will be wishing you had sooner!” – Flora M.

“By far the best gym on the island .. If you are ready to put in the work. The trainers are knowledgeable and always there to help/advise. The clientele are friendly and non judgmental … We are all there for the same reason, to be healthy and fit!! I ♥ MBG” – Kim N.

“A gym you will love if you are ready to do the work!! Correction is the impetus of change & the trainers @ MBG are professional & know how to motivate you to work to your potential & strive to do better than you did the day before!” – Stephanie B.

“The instructors at MBG are extremely professional and relate to every single member in such a personal way that no matter how many people are training in that class you feel like you are the only one in the gym . Jimmy and his crew have a unique and great way of bringing the best out of you while making the work out extremely challenging yet having fun the along the way. This place has made me a better person with my level of fitness and in all other aspects of life . I recommend becoming a member of the MBG family.” – Denis D.

“I owe all of my physical accomplishments to the awesome trainers at MBG…where you can achieve goals you thought were unattainable. LOVE BEING A MONKEY!!!” – Desiree D.

“About a yr and a half ago I walked into mbg and never turned back. While they dont heavily advertise (no need to) I was intrigued at the High Rock Challenge when I saw how well Team MBG did! Well I finally found a home !! I’ve never met such a group of truly inspiring and humble people in my life !! While they’re mostly crazy (like myself ) they’re all fun and living life and inspiring others along the way !! My training has reached a new level! The trainers are second to none ! Everyone of them motivating and extremely knowledgeable. . I love MBG it’s my second home and can’t wait to take on another year of awesome challenges with these folks !! Thank you James Lopez and all the trainers and great friends I’ve made along the way !!” – Jeanine C.

“Joining Monkey Bar Gym is by far one of the best decisions I have made! It has been the best 10 months of working out in my life! Not only has my body changed and became stronger, but my outlook on life as well. The people I have met there have become fast friends! Everyone is friendly and helpful. The instructors are top notch and always have your well being in mind. Even though there is a group of people, you feel as if you are receiving one on one instruction! I love my MBG family!!” – Nicole O.

“Best workout you can ask for . Everyone pushes and motivates you to want to work harder . Best decision I ever made!” – Michelle M.

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