Thomas DeAngelis

Tom Run Snow 2Our world today has become less active and mobile as our day has become more hectic and service reliant. Although our general population is staying alive longer we are not truly living a longer qualitative life. The conveniences of modern times has made a sedentary lifestyle a reality for many. This has made it evermore important to become more active in our daily routine.
Searching for and participating in a physical fitness program that motivates us to move and become more physically engaged on a daily basis will have everlasting effects. These effects will surely improve our physical and mental well being. Surrounding yourself with like minded people will help keep you motivated and engaged. My introduction to Monkey Bar Gym fulfilled these important aspects of my life.
At Monkey Bar Gym we place a high priority on improving our clients lives. We aim to not only train but to educate our clients to give them the tools to be successful. We understand the importance of an accountable diet and try to help our clients make educated decisions. My overall health and well being is no doubt a journey, and surely it will continue to evolve and improve. Join us and lets evolve and improve together!


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