Lisa Hacker

Lisa Staff RunningGrowing up I was always an active kid, playing softball, dancing, gymnastics, but most importantly playing outside with the neighborhood kids. In my 20’s I was in and out of gyms, but never really committing to anything fully. As I was approaching 30, I found myself out of shape both physically and mentally, the need for change was imminent and I knew it needed to be a complete lifestyle change, so I made it happen. Shortly after my husband came home from jiu jitsu one day and said, “there’s a guy named Jimmy who’s starting up some classes that I think is right up your ally”, so… In 2009 I met Jimmy and my journey with MBG began. I loved the concept of getting back to basics and, well, “playing” again. I also knew that I always had an interest in becoming a trainer and that this was the style of training I knew I’d love.
Becoming a trainer at MBG has been rewarding in so many ways. Introducing and instilling MBG’s core values, helping people find that inner athlete when sometimes they didn’t think it were possible. (I’ve always been a fan of the underdog) It’s truly gratifying to me to be able to help people reach their true potential both in the gym and out. Most of all, being part of the MBG community, where you may walk in as a stranger, but leave as family.

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