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In April of 2012, I completed the Boston Marathon, feeling accomplished but unfulfilled, as most runners do after a race. I had gaps in my preparation that I needed to address – I wanted to get better – but how? I was deficient in strength and flexibility, but attempts to fix these areas on my own were unsuccessful. I needed knowledge, a framework, and an atmosphere where I felt comfortable addressing these weaknesses… Enter MBG.

frauen treffen in nordhausen At MBG I learned yoga, was introduced to mobility, learned kettle bell techniques and proper body-weight mechanics in an environment where I felt like I was part of a team. The instructors taught me not just the “how” to get healthy and strong, but the reasoning behind what we were doing. It was a culture of education. Upon joining the staff I learned why the method was so effective – trainers are required to stay informed, attend training seminars, and always be prepared to give each member the same experience I had when I walked through the door. Come see what we’re all about, and discover a better you.