The Goose And The Golden Egg

Golden EggIn the fable “The Goose And The Golden Egg” we are told a story about a very fortunate farmer. One morning as he checked the nest of his goose he noticed a glittering, golden egg. Not believing his eyes he took the golden egg to  market and discovered that it was in fact real. Every morning the goose continued to produce a single golden egg. The farmer soon became rich beyond his means but he also grew impatient. The single egg produced each day was not enough anymore and he wanted more. He came to the idea that if he killed the goose he could cut it open and take all of the golden eggs at once. When the deed was done, not a single golden egg could he find, and his precious Goose was dead.

The moral I have drawn from this story is that of respecting the process. The golden egg represents the end result or goal we all chase. We will pursue many golden eggs in our lifetime that cover different areas in our life such as emotional, physical, professional and spiritual. A mistake we can make is obsessing with the golden egg or the end result. In doing so we neglect the goose which is the process. The process by which we are able to achieve or produce something that is so important. When we loose site of the importance of the process, or the goose, we put ourselves in a situation that will never allow us to obtain the golden egg or result we desire. By attempting to shortcut the process we are only setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment. We need to remember that the process is as important as the product!

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