The Game of Life

“Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone”

Life beginsI love this quote for it rings true. Life begins when we truly challenge ourselves and get away from the mundane routine that engulfs so many. The Spartan Beast is a great way to push the envelope and get out of our comfort zone. This weekend 18 MBG’ers will take on the Beast in Vernon, New Jersey. A couple are veterans of this race, but many of you will be experiencing it for the first time. It’s a race that is worthy of it’s name. Approximately 12 plus miles and anywhere from 30-35 obstacles. The terrain in Vernon is perfect as it offers plenty of elevation change.



Saturday looks like a high of 75 and probably the nicest day this spring. It should be about 48 for the start of the race which is perfect weather for racing. A slight chill so maybe keep a sweatshirt on until it’s time to enter the start area. I am pretty sure that simply a t-shirt and shorts is all that is needed in regards to attire. It will be warming as the morning progresses and before you know it you will be hot.

Gear Recommendations

I highly recommend that you have some type of hydration with you. Traditionally there are not a lot of water stations during this race. You probably will have one or two opportunities to replenish your water so take the time to do it. Race day is not the day to mess around with your hydration. If you use water on your long training runs then stick with it. Same goes for electrolyte drinks. If you know from past experiences that the drink you will be using will not cause any stomach issues then use it. Do Not Experiment Race Day! I would also strongly recommend some type of food that you know will not bother your stomach. Whatever you choose to bring make sure you waterproof it inside a ziplock bag just in case you get muddy or wet. I like to pack one comfort snack that I take when I need that mental recharge in addition to other food items. Water wicking clothes is a must from head to toe to try and reduce the chance of blisters and keep your body cool.

What we think

What We Think We Become

These events are made to test you both physically and mentally. Leading up to the race you have to log the hours. If you prepared properly, which you have, then your body is ready. Now it’s time to manage your race with your mental toughness. As the race progresses it will be necessary to find comfort while being uncomfortable. This is where mentally strong people find a way to retreat into the safety of their mind and stay locked in. Make it a game and embrace it. A mantra can become a handy tool. For the Beast in Vermont I used “Weakness is a Weakness of Will” it worked for me. Whatever you choose to do stay positive and find the good in your experience and not the bad.

Everyone Wants to be Great

Enjoy The Moment

You made the commitment, found the time to put the hours of training required and all that is left is to get after it! Enjoy every minute of it. There are plenty of people who do not have the ability to do what you are doing. Don’t take the blessings you have for granted. You not only posses a strong body but a strong mind as well. When you jump over the fire and cross the finish line take a minute and soak it in. You did it but most of all YOU EARNED IT!


The Goose And The Golden Egg

Golden EggIn the fable “The Goose And The Golden Egg” we are told a story about a very fortunate farmer. One morning as he checked the nest of his goose he noticed a glittering, golden egg. Not believing his eyes he took the golden egg to  market and discovered that it was in fact real. Every morning the goose continued to produce a single golden egg. The farmer soon became rich beyond his means but he also grew impatient. The single egg produced each day was not enough anymore and he wanted more. He came to the idea that if he killed the goose he could cut it open and take all of the golden eggs at once. When the deed was done, not a single golden egg could he find, and his precious Goose was dead.

The moral I have drawn from this story is that of respecting the process. The golden egg represents the end result or goal we all chase. We will pursue many golden eggs in our lifetime that cover different areas in our life such as emotional, physical, professional and spiritual. A mistake we can make is obsessing with the golden egg or the end result. In doing so we neglect the goose which is the process. The process by which we are able to achieve or produce something that is so important. When we loose site of the importance of the process, or the goose, we put ourselves in a situation that will never allow us to obtain the golden egg or result we desire. By attempting to shortcut the process we are only setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment. We need to remember that the process is as important as the product!

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